Jan 7, 2018



Today I have to share my bad experience that I have recently.
I bought 6 skin tones markers from one lady.

That was supposed to be my Christmas gift.
But all markers are dry and dont have color.
Im so mad!
I asked lady before I bought them if they are fine.
I didn't expect that they bee brand new but att list that
they can color month or two.
She said that they are practically new,so I trusted her.

I need skin tones markers and now I have dry markers 
and no money for new ones!

Don't ever buy markers from someone because
 you don't know what you will get.


  1. that's too bad Fiki....feel sorry for you.

  2. Oh gosh, Fiki, that's horrible. I don't know how someone could purposefully send you markers that are dry. I'm sorry, my friend :(

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. That is awful! What kind of makers do you use? Some you can get refills for. Edwina Brown

  4. Fiki i u prodaonici moraš, da probaš markere, jer ponekad nije dobra serija njih, a onda su još novi bez boje.
    Žao mi je, da si sada bez markera i novca :(
    Slab početak godine nosi dobar kraj ti samo hrabro
    pozdrav Tamara

  5. Oh, that is horrible. Sorry about that. Why would someone do that.? Will she give you your money back ????

    1. No,she will not.
      She never write me back.

  6. Hello, Fiki, my sweet friend! I am so sorry this happened to you! You can't trust some people these days as they are dishonest. If you paid by Paypal, I suggest you open a Paypal Dispute. She misrepresented the markers to you by saying they worked, so Paypal should give your money back. Paypal will handle it for you.

  7. That is terrible! I'm so sorry, Fiki! Hopefully you can do as Fit Kitty suggested if you paid through Paypal. If not, I hope they are refillable, but that doesn't help you right now, does it? xxD


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